17 June 2022

Top Reasons Students Fail CDL School & How to Avoid Them


Failing CDL truck driving school is not a topic we want to address, but it is one we need to address. Not all new drivers pass the test, get their commercial driver’s license, and move on to a truck driving career. There are several reasons why that happens.

Not Understanding Truck Driving Is Hard

There’s something to be said for the “romance of the road” and the promise of freedom and independence. But driving a truck is hard. It takes a toll physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

You may ask, “Is truck driving school hard? Wouldn’t that make the job easier?”

Truck driving school is the best way to prepare to get your CDL training and learn the skills you need for a new career as a professional truck driver—but that doesn’t make the job any easier. Earning your Class A CDL license requires both classroom instruction and hands-on training. You must be prepared for a lot of hard work and dedication.

Lack of Commitment

You probably won’t pass your CDL exam if you are unwilling to commit to the process. It requires plenty of time for study, a willingness to listen to and follow your instructor’s guidance, and put forth the effort.

However, don’t give up just because you are having difficulty. Ask for help from your instructors—they are there for you.

Passing your CDL test is not hard, but it’s no walk in the park either. Commit to the long haul, celebrate your wins along the way, and a truck driving career will surely be in your future.

Poor Attitude

Having a poor attitude is the death knell to getting your CDL and finding a job with any one of hundreds of trucking companies. Attitude problems exist when students think they know more than their instructors or want to do things their way.

Instead, go into the CDL training program with an upbeat attitude and an eagerness to learn. You’ll find the experience much more satisfying and the likelihood of getting your CDL much greater.

Giving in to Pressure

Some people get nervous under pressure, and truck driving can sometimes be a pressure-cooker job. Being prone to anxiety could impact your ability to pass classroom tests or handle the hands-on responsibilities that come with the job.

Remind yourself why you entered CDL school in the first place. Whatever helps you stay the course and keep your cool is worth it.

Truck Driving Is Not for Everyone

You may get into CDL truck driving school only to realize that a job in the trucking industry isn’t right for you. You may have underestimated how hard trucking is, missed home time, or don’t like the job placement opportunities recruiters present—and that’s okay. It’s better to find out sooner rather than later, forcing yourself into a career you won’t love or stay with for the long term.


It takes time to become a good commercial truck driver. With the right attitude, practice, and a commitment to not giving up, you’ll be on your way to enjoying learning the traits of a good driver. If you don’t pass the first time, you can always go back, study harder, and try again.

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